Peka by Denise Robertson / Love Mommy

Our daughter always wanted a dog of her own, we had one already and he was the families dog. I had always said once Copper left this life we would not replace him with another dog. We our daughter was set on saving and paying for her own dog and we agreed to it. Well she did and we honoured our agreement.

She insisted on going to our local pet store here in Dartmouth, she found on she really loved. When i came to visit him at the store and the clerk brought him out he leap into my arms. I got this look from my daughter and her reply was he is going to be my puppy mom. I did my best not to bond with Peka, but it wasn’t what he wanted. He follow me everywhere, when my daughter was in school I cuddle him and made sure he had everything he needed. That was when the bond started. We found out from books on the breed they choose their master for life and he had chose me. I was very honoured.

Peka went for his first puppy visit to our vets, we were told by the vet he was not the best quality of a dog, he had problems and most likely from a puppy mill. We had a big decision to make, take him back to the pet store and he would go back to the breed and be put down or love him for life even if he has problems. We choose to keep him, if feel every animals deserves a loving family regardless of problems. So he was off to PEI for surgery for his breathing and later for leg surgery.

Over the months Peka returned our love 10 times back. He had a very special place in all our hearts. Over the years he became man of the house, he decided who he liked and who he didn’t and those he did not like did not get in the house. Others he love for them to come in. We never needed to worry about anyone breaking in. His visit to the vets sometimes proved interesting, when I called to make appointments you could hear in the way the girls talk how thrilled they were that Peka was coming in. He wasn’t always the best patient. When in for surgery and he had to stay for a few days, I would have to go in. He would only let me near him and I would give him his meals. I could do most anything to him and he would not mind. Anyone else touch him and he would take off a finger or two.

He started having back problems a few years ago, he would be on medication for a week and would be better. This past October he was having problems again, we call our vet and Peka was put on more medication. We hope it would make a change for the good, but over the days there was not change. Finally 5 days after the new medication we took him to our vets. We found out it wasn’t the same disc giving him problems but two new ones near the neck. So more medication and a weekend of waiting. Now surgery was the next step. On Monday our vet was back on staff and looked at Peka’s x-rays, surgery was not a option, his other disc would start going over the next while and he had a heart murmur, he would not likely make it through the surgery.

Watching him in pain for 11 days was to much for me, when you can’t even hold and cuddle your best friend when they are in pain. I was hand feeding him, putting spoonfuls of water to his mouth to drink because every time he moved his head or turn his neck he was in so much pain. the medication was every 4 to 6 hours instead of every 8 hours.
He was in pain.

When we took him into our vets for the last time, he knew what was happening. The day he pretty much gave up, he just laid in his bed and did not get up for anything. I knew he want this.
We had a beautiful hour with him in the office, some with a light sedative enough that I could cuddle him. Oh how i miss doing that with him. He when out in style only the way Peka could. He was so comfortable he was snoring so loud, he only does that when he is really comfortable and sleeping. At times he would flip out his tongue to lick his face and it would stay over his eyes, then it would fall down. Then he would open his eye and look at me and go to lick my hand. We laugh so much and was happy of him. My daughter was with us and took some beautiful pictures of our last moments. I will cherish them for ever.

He is now at peace; it is so hard to make that one decision that changes your life for ever.But we do not want our pets to be in any pain at all. We had him cremated, and now sits he sits in our living room in his urn.

He was my little man, and I will forever miss him, but we have so many great memories and pictures.


Rest in peace, my Little Man.
Denise Robertson