Penny by Bettina

My Dear Friend

I still remember your bittersweet smell.
Your eyes naughtily staring at me
So deep in love with you I fell.
You belonged to me but were still feeling free.

Your face was softly tickling my throat
When I held you patted you with my hand.
Your fur was soft like a warm winter coat
You were my pet my buddy my friend.

On warm summerdays I brought you outside
To a nice dry spot in the shadow.
I can imagine what you were dreaming inside
To run free on a fresh smelling meadow.

I had the ability to read your eyes
And you knew how to read mine.
To know what you were thinking was nice
And you understood me just fine.

Now you’re lying in front of me buried so deep
I’m blowing you a kiss goodbye.
The earth is rocking you to sleep.
The stars are singing a lullaby.

Goodbye my friend- You’re always in my heart!



9, January 2000