March 15 2001


Penny you were the best friend I could ever have hoped for.

You were so special and from the moment you were born,

I knew we had a special bond! We did everything together and you hated

it when I went out you never did like being on your own you would wait for

me at the door until I came home!

Years passed and you never seemed to age at all I think in one way I thought

you were never going to leave me. The day mum run in my room and said

something was up with you I think I went to pieces I was hugging you all

the way to the vets! Before the vet told me you’d had a stroke

I already knew the same had happened to your mum Kelly.

We took you home and did what the vet told us you were very wobbly

and I didn’t dare put you on my bed incase you fell off in the night

so I slept downstairs with you. Even though you were so ill in the

night you got off the settee and came to lie with me on the floor.

You had a few more mild strokes but you never gave up Penny

you fought every time and after alot of nursing and care you seemed

to be getting stronger again putting weight back on and playing again!

You had to take medication for the rest of your life and one time when

we took you for a check up the vet said you would have to have a

bad tooth taken out!

We asked if you would be ok on the tablets you were on and

he said yes so a few days later I dropped you off at the vets

and watched as you trotted off sniffing everything on your way!

When I got the call saying they had taken 18 teeth out and they were

keeping you in as you were bleeding so badly I knew deep down

something was wrong.

My dad took me to see you and I couldn’t believe how sick you looked.

You were lying there shaking and you were bleeding so much.

I asked the vet if you’d be ok he said you just needed rest.

After a restless night I was up early and when the phone rung I knew it

was bad news I couldn’t speak and had to pass the phone to my dad.

I just kept thinking what if I’d have demanded the vet to do more,

I can’t describe how bad I feel for leaving you to die there on your own

I’ll never forgive myself after all the months of fighting and getting better

this was just too much for you this time.

I miss you so much sweetheart and I will love you always

and I’m sorry I let you down!

I just hope we can be together again someday so I can make

it up to you! Until then Goodnight

God bless Penny