PEPE by Tania

I was there when you were born into this world and was there when you left. Everyday that passes I miss you more…but now I know that you are now o.k. and in peace. I miss you with all my heart, my “Fozzy Bear” I hope that you are o.k. and that you have now made some new friends. I am comforted to know that you have reunited with your mother “Cleopatra” and that you are not alone. Each day that passes your memory grows stronger in my heart. I am not going to say good-bye…because I know one day
we’ll meet again, I promise!

Your sister “Samantha” is missing you, all of us do and you will never be forgotten. I LOVE YOU MY SWEET LITTLE BOY…YOU CAN REST NOW, MY DARLING.


Love Your Family...Hugs and Kisses
17, July 2005