Pepper by Leslie


" Pepper "

Dec. 1998

Black Lab / Golden Lab Mix


Pepper was a 6 six year old black lab golden lab mix.

She was my 4-H dog for 6 years. She was asome.

We were one of the first ones to get to the highest level.

She was not just a dog she was an angle.

You see it all happened with our neighbors they shot her.

She was shot more then once yes she had a slow and painful death.

I came home from school and my mom said,"

I have bad news Pepper is dead". Till this day I would

do anything to get her back.

I wrote something about her.


I will never forget you.

You have mad my dreams come true.

You have been my second mother my best friend and my little Angle.

Your body is gone but not your spirit.

Every time I look into the sky and see the stars I see

you looking down at me.

I have pictures an memories of you.

Not as good as having you by my side breathing but it's

the best I can do.

If only you knew how important you were to not just

me but also my family.

We will not let the devil get by with this scotch fee.

You are my favorite dog and always will be nothing I wll take your place.

I will never ever replace you or forget about you.

I know you will be waiting for me.

You have always been there for me and I have always been there for you.

Congratulations on moving out of your old house into your new house.

Rest in Peace.

Love ,