PEPPER by Vicky and Sue / Sue and Vicky

For PepperSweet and gentle Pepper, rest now; be at peace
Let the warmth of our love guide you and lend wings to your feet.
A journey is beginning, on which we cannot follow
Today we can’t be with you, but there will always be tomorrow.
A little girl once told us, a unicorn you will beWhen you get to heaven and you will shine for all to see.
You touched the lives of many, just by being you
There could never be another mare so faithful and so true.
Green pastures now await you as you journey on your way
And we will think about you each and every day,
Knowing you look down on us from blue skies up aboveWith memories to cherish we will remember you with love.


With Love and fond memories,
3, Nov 2004
Vicky and Sue