Pepsi by Barbara Turner / Heartbroken , Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I am absolutely heartbroken.
I love you so much. I had to make the hardest decision of my life tonight. I let you go with the dignity you so deserved, i couldn’t watch you get worse by each passing day.
Over the years you’ve made me laugh with your ways…such a character. Growling with your pieces of chicken in case it was taken from you. You sat on my knee and purred for hours. I hope I gave you the happy life you so deserved from being in rescue from a small kitten.
We will all miss you. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge , go and find Abbie and run free together until I come and meet you both. Now free from the disease which is so cruel. Taken far too soon at 7years old.
At Rainbow Bridge you will have no more pain or suffering. I will meet with you and Abbie again. Go and enjoy the green pastures, and eat as much grass as you want up there, I believe it’s such a beautiful place to be.


Love you so much
5, Apr 2016
Barbara Turner