Peter by Vanessa / Mommy

We brought Peter home in a cold September day. He had just one month and he was a beautiful golden puppy. This day on he brought color and happiness to my life; he was and still is the most important
thing for me, my little son!

We gave him everything he needed: food; love, health care, and so on…I’d been the last person who saw him, about one hour before he passed away…I’d like to say that animals have some kind of “sixth sense” or something like that, because the last week Peter spent among us, he was so lovely, kindly – really different! I won’t forget how this big dog, in his last week here, laid down on my lap and slept. And I won’t forget the horror I felt when I saw him dead – he’d had a heart attack.

Peter is still my little son and I don’t know how to go on without him. He had a problem in his back, I don’t know what it was very well; we did everything we could in order to save him,
but I think the medications had affected his heart…

It doesn’t matter where he is,
but I’m sure he’s alright and
I know he will be always by my side.
Thank you for all, my baby!


I love you forever! With Love...