Petie by Brittany / Mommy

When we first got our dog Petie, he was really happy and healthy except one thing he had a deformed leg and had to limp when he ran or walked. But he could get around as good as any other dog. When we let him outside to use the bathroom we kept the gates closed and he’d always come back to the door and we’d let him in.

One day we left the gate open he went outside and never came back. It was raining outside and we got really worried. There were these two little boys walking past our house and we walked up to them and asked them if they’ve seen a little Boston Terrier walking around anywhere. They said they didn’t but if they did they would come back to our house and tell us. About a few hours passed then here they come. They said they didn’t want to upset us or anything but they said our dog was laying out in a ditch dead. He had been hit by a car. We went and got him and buried him in the backyard. That was the end we didn’t have him for very long and we miss him terribly.

Petie this is a word for you: One day when I’m dead and gone I will be there with you forever. With you and your little friends. I love you Petie and you will always be in my heart forever and ever.