Pharaoh by Therese Meyers / Your Mama

Those who knew you loved you
And knew I loved you more
You were God’s sweetest gift to me
Now you’re knocking on Heaven’s door.

The years we spent together
The companionship we shared
Fill my heart and mind with memories
Because you knew I cared.

Oh Pharaoh my beautiful baby
You came into my life with floppy ears
Who knew we would grow so close
Throughout our seven years?

You were sent to me by the grace of God
By my side during the chaos in my life
Loving protective and strong
To help me through my strife.

You made me laugh when I was down
Comforted me in times of sorrow
Proving to me with your love and faith
I could survive another tomorrow.

Somehow I think you knew
The time you had left was not long
That’s why you stayed so close to me
Hoping that would help me to be strong.

Oh Poops my precious Pharaoh
Forever you will be in my heart
I will be strong as I know you want me to be
And our spirits will never part.

You taught me how to love again.
How to be happy and carry on
And in my devotion to you
I won’t let you down now that you’re gone.

I will never forget your loving eyes
In my heart you will always be
An eternal light that shines
You live on forever in my memory.

I shall go on bravely in my life
Be grateful for the time we shared
I shall make you proud as you watch over me
And remember how much you cared.
I thank you God for this tremendous gift
And kindly ask of You
Watch over my Poops and give him treats
Until I can be with him too

Written by Geneva Gilbertson 09/24/03
for Therese to Pharaoh


I love you and miss you very much, Poops,
19, Sep 2003
Therese Meyers