Phoebe by JODI / JODI

I found Phoebe on the side of a road at barely
eight weeks of age. Sick,starving and afraid.
She came to live with me and it was love at first sight.
She was sick most of her short life but,I
believed my love and care would pull her through.
After surgery and many vet.visits,I thought,
finally, my prescious baby would pull through.

I looked foreward to 20 years together.
It was not to be.
She was ill again,very ill.
So while I held this barely year old kitten
in my arms, urring,gently,
she was eased out of any more
pain with the vets assistance.
A piece of my heart went with her that day.
I will remember and love her always.

Thank you Phoebe for your love!
You brightened my life even with your short stay.
I will never forget you!!


Always in my heart,