Phoebe Precious Angel by Madeline

I will miss you dearly my beloved Phoebe you came into my life when I was going thrugh the gates of hell. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and I felt so sad and lonely so Daddy and I went to the pet store to look at puppies and after seeing a couple I tired out but the girl said she had one little tiny yorkie and so daddy went to get her and I sat in the cubicle and when I turned my head there you were all of 9 ozs in the palm of his hand you turned around so slowly weakly and the second we saw each other we fell in love. You licked my nose and
that was it.

I said I don’t care how much she is mine. You had kennel cough pretty bad so the next day we went to the vet I got you all your medicines and for the first time I had someone to love and you loved me and needed me so that took away my focus on my chemo and I took care of you. You finally got better at 2 pounds and you stayed with me all the time we were inseparable. We slept together and everywhere I went you went.

Everyone loved you and you loved everyone. You were the light in the dark for me. You just had your first birthday May 8th and you and I were like two great pals. You would sleep on my chest and when I said your name you would lick lick lick me. We all loved you enormously for something so small made gigantic changes in all our lives.

I started to plan a trip to Hawaii in February a little trip with daddy and brothers. You would stay at the vets where everyone knew you and loved you. I thought you would be safe and even tho it broke my heart to leave you I knew that you would see us again. I just wanted to take the boys to Hawaii with me in case I got sicker. I just was going to be right back but when brother went to get you the irresponsable teenager who opened up your top floor cage door didn’t use any caution just opened the cage door took your bed out and you jumped into the bed. It collapsed and you fell backwards onto the hard floor and the next thing brother is being told you hit your head hard. Then they take you for x-rays and then to the nearest hospital for a CT scan.

Brother went to see you and you smileYou had 333 cardiac arrests then a coma and then you died……….. Oh my God how could this happen? I am so sorry baby I was coming to get you and now you’re gone. I haven’t stopped crying since early this morning and now I am still grieving over the loss of my best friend. I will make them pay for their negligence I promise you my sweet angel. Mommy misses you sssooooooooooo much sooooooooooooo much oh baby ,I am so sorry……..I love you. I miss you. I am so sorry. I am so so so sorry.

Thank you for your love and all the companionship you gave me I will always cherish you. How could this happen oh God……..



Phoebe Precious Angel
19, June 2002