Birth: Jan. 5, 1991CharlotteMecklenburg CountyNorth Carolina, USA Death: Oct. 21, 2003CharlotteMecklenburg CountyNorth Carolina, USA My very intelligent cat, Tabitha. She adopted me when I was enduring chemo in 1999 for Hodgkin’s disease. She became a one in a million friend for life. She developed diabetes in October of 2002, and I gave her daily insulin shots, pills, etc, twice a day, with many vet. visits in-between, until October 21, 2003, when I had to put her down. Her kidneys had failed her. I stayed with her while I put her down, I felt I owed that to her. I miss her everyday, I had her cremated, and she rests in peace in my house with me. I know I will see her again in heaven! NOTE: Tabitha actually wrote” her story. I have merely recounted my memory of some of the details.Mourning the loss of a friend and companion

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