X’ie 3

Birth: Jan. 5, 1991CharlotteMecklenburg CountyNorth Carolina, USA Death: Oct. 22, 2004CharlotteMecklenburg CountyNorth Carolina, USA X’ie was Tabitha Ann’s sister, she came to live with us in August of 2001, after abandoning her former home across the street, where Tabitha Ann came from in 1999. She became my best friend for life. She developed an intestinal tumor which grew rapidly in October 2004. She really helped me get through Tabitha’s death on 10/21/03. It is so hard for me that I had to put her down one day and one year exactly after her sister’s passing on 10/21/03. I stayed with her while she was put down, just like I did with Tabitha Ann. There is a reason, I know, and I will understand that reason when I re-join her when my stay on Earth is over. My dearest, dearest love, I will miss you, but I cannot wait until I am re-joined with both of you in bodies that are new, with no diseases, aging, etc., and we can spend eternity together forever. Burial:Cremated.Specifically: Private Family Residence

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