Phurshkins by Debbie / Mom

In Loving Memory of Phurshkins

Written by Debbie Carlsen
I pick my friend up gently and look into his eyes,
I pet his head so softly and whisper my last goodbyes.
He looks at me so tenderly as if he knows my grief,
The end he knows is coming and
my heartbreak won’t be brief.
He’s been my faithful companion, through all good times and bad and though he’ll soon be parting,
I’ll remember the bond we had.
As difficult as this is right now,through the tears I let flow
Every waking moment will be,a healing time I know.
He lays his head in my lap,and ever softly purrs;
I know he will wait for me,at Rainbow Bridge,for sure.
As he takes his last few breaths;on a warm September day,
He closes his eyes one last time
and quietly slips away.


Always in my heart,
4, Sep 2005