Phyco by Barb and Joe / Mommy and Daddy Joe

My husband and I had this cat for about 17 years which was very dear to us… He loved the children which he would always go into their bed rooms in the mornings to check up on them. I would just stay in bed, so Phyco cat would peep through the ajar door with his teeth which I would just pretend to sleep just to hear his meows
on wanting to get me out of bed.

The Day was back in June of 2005, were he apparently got out of the house one evening. My husband and I looked for hours one evening with a flashlight looking around in the yard, walking the road… I was in tears that evening…. I could not sleep because he was old and frail.

As days went on, I looked everywhere from early in the mornings, to the evenings. When night began to fall, all I could think about was, “how could he survive a night with the dampness and
him having medical needs as well…

For about nine days, this went on day and night, which I could not give up hope…On that morning, my neighbor who was walking his dog, found my cat on the road… He picked up my cat and
contacted my husband…

It was not the ending that I wanted, but At least I found closure…. I knew that Phyco cat was on a mini vacation, just being a cat those final days…. I know that he didn’t suffer any pain, since it was quick and sudden…. At least I found closure which I still have him at least buried in a special place were I can always visit.

To this day, I miss my dear sweet cat….He was such a joy to have… which I will never forget the good times that I had with him….


With love always,
Barb and Joe