Pibbs by Janet

For Pibbs – 7/19/1997

Oh my love my darling boy
You’ve brought me sunshine and so much joy.
Anxiety fades just by having you near
I look at you now and shed a tear.

Your pain is what I fear so badly
I’d give you my strength and do so gladly.
You lie close by in slumber sweet
Together this ailment I pray we’ll beat.

Remember your courage when you were lost?
Anything you need Honey I’ll pay the cost.
And hold you near and love you so
What you mean to me you may never know.

That trusting look upon your face
The love I feel with each embrace.
I am here for you now and forever
By your side I’ll leave you never.

My shoulder is strong so lean on me
And together we will survive you’ll see.
The going may get tough by the end
But I’ll do what I can my wonderful friend.

So let me close with a “thank you” true
For the love that you give me each day anew.



2, Jan 2001