Piggy by Pat & Jr


" Piggy "

Nov. 28 1982 ------ May 14 1999


Little Soldier.


Little soldier resting here at my feet

Your battle to live become too hard

So you lay still now in defeat.


Your body had come to be so old,

But no greater fight was ever fought

To keep away this eternal cold


You brought such a joy made us proud

And for bravery the medal rests

Near your heart upon your shroud.


A door closed behind you we cannot open

And you left running free of pain

Even knowing this our hearts are broken.


Little man we see everywhere we look

Your presence memories the only thing

How to go on after what death took?


Little soldier little Piggy our son

The grieving for you will never end

Until both of our days are done!


Piggy you died at 16 12 years old.

Pa gave you to us when you where 12 days old.

Mama and Daddy loves' and miss you baby and always will.

God bless you son.

Rest at Jesus feet now!


Pat and Jr. Edenfield




Pat & Jr