Ping by Katrena

She barsked in the light of the cabinets.
She’d chase me in the garden.
We’d play catch & kiss in the dining room.
She’d call loudly to me in the morning.
She’d lay on her back as a trick.
She’d hide under the chairs and gently pounce me.
She’d do dingalings on her head in greeting.
She’d purr when my nails were hard under her chin.
She would lick me clean with her rough tougue.
She wished I could wash her in the same way.

Twice she got under my covers –
I loved it!
but mostly
she would play by my bedside
top corner of my bed was her destination.
By morning she was pristine
by mid morning she had rolled in the dirt.
She would search for her patch
of sunlight finding it with delight.
She would greet me on arrival
with tail in the air and
a cute call to me.

We would happily go in and
start to prepare tea.
She was heavy and noisy
as she played in the room –
skidding and sliding and bashing
into the chairs.

Put your nose close to her lips and
she’d give you a kiss.

I loved from afar when we’d signal
each other by closing our eyes.
When she was excited her pupils would enlarge
to saucers and you knew
she was going to be a rascal.

She’d sit above us but close
on the top of the lounge.
She loved lovin’ which involved me
blowing warm breath into her neck
travelling through her fur
bringing on her purr giving me the payment
I was looking for.
I’ve lost her now
but not in my memory.
The little FLUFF TOP SQUASH will always run
around in my head.
She’s my girl, my PING
I love her and she loves me.
We gave each other lovin’ whenever we pleased.

Goodbye Ping
come and chase me anytime.
You know what I’ll miss the most…….




24, Aug 2002