Pip by Linda Green / mum

My lovely little Pip, thank you.

My beautiful little pippy I miss you so my baby. It’s 8 weeks ago today since we let you go to sleep, and as I held you as you died a big part of me died with you. I would give anything to see you and give you a cuddle[you loved me to cuddle you] especially when I had my music on, and I miss that so much. It hurts not having you in my life, my little Fudley. I have never felt such pain before. You were such a big part of my life because I loved you the way I love my human children. You helped me get through some bad times in my life my little boy. Your son, Benji, looks like you sometimes and he misses you so does Lucy and Amy, and so does your dad if he comes at the weekends. I talk to your photos everyday [I hope you can hear me my little love].Well sleep tight baby, till we meet again at rainbow bridge.


All my love,
8, June 2005
Linda Green