Pip by Linda Green / Mum,

My lovely little Pip, thank you.

My beautiful little Pippy, it’s 8 weeks since you went to sleep. I miss you more than words can say if a heart really can be broken then mine surely is. I miss you so much my little boy because you were so very special to me; it’s very hard for people to understand that I loved you in the same way that I love my human children. I would give anything to see you and hold you in my arms again. I have never felt pain like this before, but if this is the price of loving you and having you in my life then its a small price to pay my little Pip.

You gave me so much love and happiness in the 10 years I was lucky enough to have you in my life. You gave me and dad a lot of laughter with your little funny ways and moods and you always got your own way when you let us know what you wanted and we spoilt you rotten.

I talk to your photos everyday my little fudley [I hope you can hear me] your son Benji looks like you somedays, he, Lucy, and Amy miss you, too.

Well my little one, sleep peacefully, until we meet again at rainbow bridge.


With all my Love ,
8, June 2005
Linda Green