Pippin by Michael & Jo Chambers / Michael Chambers

Pippin was our loving boy cat,
only two years old who died last Wednesday
in a tragic road accident.

This is the poem he wrote for his mummy when he departed.

I was only out playing as I usually do
Just looking to bounce with a friend or two
I was running and jumping
Getting my little heart pumping.

The road was quiet, I always looked.
When I heard the car, I got so spooked.
It didn’t hurt me mummy, I promise you so.
It was just my time, time to go where special pets go.

Its humans you see it’s not a dream.
I was taken by a man made metal machine.
They called it a car which went too fast.
I am now gone and forever in the past.

My friends up here are looking after me
But not the same as being on your knee.
Mummy please, please remember me.
I loved you so, so much you see.

Til we meet again, just look at the moon.
We will cuddle again one special day soon.
Up here in heaven I have my sight.
When I see you next, it will be my delight.

Mummy, oh mummy, please be free
Always, always remember me.


With all our love,
Michael & Jo Chambers