Pluteus by Susan

Pluteus I knew when I saw you that we were meant for each other. You made each day so special with your little sounds meows and big bright eyes. And then there were your toes! All eight of them like you had a thumb which made it so much easier to catch that toy! I could always smile looking at you. You became ill so suddenly and fought so bravely. Yet even during your last hours you looked at me with eyes asking “will you be OK Mom?” Did you hold on until I could accept your passing? Though we all miss you especially your big brother Claudius we will be OK and always have a smile thinking of our special angel. You changed my life while you lived and with your death you have made me realize the things that are truly important in my life. I can’t think of a way to thank you.

Since your life was so suddenly taken because of cancer our decision was to save the life of another cat at the Shelter whose life may have ended because they were not wanted. You spent so many scary days in that same Shelter before coming home. It is our way of paying tribute to your memory but you can never be replaced.

Mom Dad Claudius and our new little Beroe

PS: Beroe helps to keep the parakeets in line so you know they are still appreciated as much as you loved them.


15, Nov 2000