Plyusha by Laura / My Dear Plyusha

My Dear Cat Plyusha was accidentally taken from us On Friday, March 17, 2006. Even though it was Saint Patrick’s Day, there was absolutely no good luck in this tragedy. He was killed by a car and although his Death was very quick, it hurt just as much when I found out about it the next day. The sun was so cruel for the sun to shine that morning, It was such a terrible day and it seemed like the sun was laughing at me by shining brighter than it ever has that year.

Plyusha will always be missed but never forgotten. He made me so happy. He was only four and one half years old. Those were the best four years of my life. But now I don’t know if I will ever smile again. I loved him so much. How could anyone not? He was gentle, playful, and everytime I cried he came to me, purring lovingly. But now when I’m crying harder than I though possible, he isn’t there. But now he is in a better place, and we will meet again one day, and until then I will wait and never let his memory off of my mind. No matter how many wonderful cats I will ever own, no one can ever take my dear Plyusha’s place.

I dedicate this in memory of My Beloved Cat.
This will always be our song:

I wish you the sunshine of springtime.

I wish you a song’s sweet refrain.

All the best things that life has to offer.

I wish you until we meet again.

I wish you the soft winds of summer.

I wish you the ripple of rain,

I wish you all the best things that life has to offer,

I wish you the best things till we meet again.

Dreams that come true for you

Skies ever blue for you,

A friend that is yours alone

Sun that will shine for you

All that is fine for you

And a love of your own,

A love of your own.

I wish you the wonder of Winter

And days that rae golden as grain.

All the best things that life brings

Loving an living,

Hoping and Giving,

I wish you Until we meet again


There will always be a cozy place in my heart for you.
17, Mar 2006