Pokey by Jim & Sue Watts / Your mommy & daddy

Pokey found us back in 1985 when he was about 6 weeks old. His mother was taking the puppies around to find homes for them, and she left him behind so we called him Pokey. He was reddish color and was the cutest puppy we had ever seen. We lived in west Texas so we called him our Texas grinner hound because it looked like he was smiling.
We moved several times after that and and was a good traveler.

We finally moved to North Dakota and that’s where he died just about 3 months ago now and we miss him so much. He would have soon been 20 years old, a lot older than most dogs lived to be.

A few months before he died we knew that his time was coming because he slowed down a lot and he had arthritis in his legs so he didn’t get around very good anymore. Just before he passed my husband had to carry him outside to take care of business but he was glad to do it. We’ll never have another dog like Pokey. He was one of a kind.


Jim & Sue Watts