Poko Simba by Tom Scherbenske / Tom

Poko Simba “The Little Man in a Furry Suit”
I was blessed with Poko when I investigated the report of a man that found two small Lhasa Apso Cross puppies hidden in his children’s bedroom. He did not want the dogs, so he waited until late night hours and took the dogs while the children slept to an area next to a sewer drain and left them. During the night one of the puppies fell into the sewer drain system. I’m a police officer and I contacted the animal warden and the humane society. Working together we were able to gain permission to enter the sewer system and the puppie was rescued. The man was convicted,fined & never allowed to own an animal again.
After the animal warden retrieved the puppy and he was taken to a vet and given “two” baths I assumed that was the end of the story. It was just the beginning! I started to leave and the puppy followed me. I stopped him and told him, no. Twice. The vet told me, “you don’t pick a dog”, “they pick you”. One look into his deep brown eyes and I knew I could not leave him.

I named him Poko (for small) and Simba (because he looked almost like a baby lion). From that day on when I ended my tour of duty at the police dept and went to my part time job at the Vet Clinic he was my constant companion. Poko loved to travel and sit in the right front passenger seat. He was very protective of my wife and myself
whenever he was in the vehicle.

He was a fantastic brindle color. I bathed him often and dried to a soft fluff. Poko broke one of his hind legs and we gave no thought to anything but surgery. Afterwards he limped alot and at times was in pain. Six months later he jumped down only a few inches and broke the other rear leg. After consultation and much heartache we held him close to the end. I miss him so terribly much that sometimes it seems hard to even draw a breath. Our lives were blessed with him for ten years.

I truly believe that he waits for us and someday we will be together. Until then I know that he is healthy and happy, running through green fields under Gods loving watch.

Poko’s Loving Master,


Poko's Loving & Devoted Master,
Poko Simba
Tom Scherbenske