Polarbear by Tina Van Vorst / Tina

What can I say about my Polarbear. I had almost 16 years of love for this wonderful feline. 16 years of amazing companionship. 16 years of seeing you waiting for me at the top of the stairs whenever I came home from work. 16 years of having you to hug if I was sad. I still hear you walking in the halls and I still feel you snuggling next to me at night in bed. I swear sometimes I hear your meow, but I know you are gone and so now I must let you go. I will always and forever miss you. I promise I will visit your grave regularly and keep it looking as beautiful as you were.
Kisses and goodbyes to my precious Polarbear.


With Love,
4, June 2005
Tina Van Vorst