Polly and Lulu by Caroline Fu and Jason Fu / Carrie and Jay

I have always wanted a pet, and I finally got my wish when I was eleven. I’ll always remember the day my family brought Polly and Lulu home from PetSmart (July 14, 2004). Within a couple of minutes, my brother and I became quick friends with our new parakeets, Polly and Lulu. They trusted us, and we hand-feed them.

Over the next several weeks, our bond became stronger. We taught them tricks, and they soon stood on our finger without flying away. Once school started, however, we began neglecting Polly and Lulu… Well, not neglecting. We just didn’t have as much time to play with our birds as we did before. In fact, we soon even began to go several days without feeding them!

A year passed, and we never seemed to find time for our birds. Then one day, we discovered that Polly and Lulu were on the fake tree in the Study Room. I had read about other birds escaping from their cages, but I never thought Polly and Lulu would do such a thing! They escaped more often, and soon it became necessary to put in a restraint. My mother tied a rope to the cage to prevent them from escaping.

On Wednesday, March 8, 2006, I opened the cage and fed the birds. That was the next time I ever saw them. Thursday afternoon after school, my father informed me that the birds had escaped. At first, I thought, Oh great, I’ll have to retrieve them again! Then, he said that they had escaped outside. My mother had thought it would be a great idea to take the birds out and place their cage on the balcony. Then, at about lunch time that day, Polly and Lulu escaped from their cage. My mother decided to leave the cage outside for several days to see if the birds would return. I had my hopes up, too. A long time passed, and they still haven’t come back.

Polly was a green parakeet with a cheerful chirp; she would never harm anyone.
Lulu was a yellow parakeet with a loud chirp and a ferocious bite (if you deserved it, which I certainly did)!
I enjoyed my time with my birds. I will always remember the wonderful times we had together. I am thankful to God for allowing me to have such wonderful birds. Polly and Lulu will never be forgotten.
They will always be my beloved birds!

~Written by Caroline Lucy Fu, age 13


We love you, Polly and Lulu!
Polly and Lulu
9, Mar 2006
Caroline Fu and Jason Fu