Pooh by Bailey & Family


You were the best dog anyone could ever ask for you were a one of a kind. You were only with us a short time but you came and choose us you would sneak into our backyard by climbing the fence and at first you were scared but after a while you came to love us. I hope you never felt any pain on that sad day of October 27 2000 when you sneaked out of the yard and got hit by the car. There is not one day that goes by when I do not think about you and wish that you were never let out on that Friday morning. There will forever be a hole in my heart from the pain and grief I have felt after losing you. Someday the pieces will be filled when we meet again in Heaven..Now at least I know you are safe and able to run free with Oliver and Muffin and chase the bunnies and squirrels…I LOVE YOU POOH…

LOVE:Jen Jessica Bailey Madison Skylar and Family…

<3 Pooh-Can you hear my heart beating???? <3  

27, Oct 2000
Bailey & Family