Pooh by Dawn and Mike Crook / Daddy


You were the dog that never ever wanted to be bad. You lived your life wanting to please Mommy and I. When you were bad we never had to say a word. You knew what you did and you always seem to learn from it. You liked everyone And always welcomed a new dog to the family.

Stella misses you. Her best buddy isn’t here to play with and lay with anymore. You stayed with us not showing pain because of the love you had for mommy and the love mommy had for you.You didn’t want to disappoint mommy even in your final days. Rather you know it or not Pooh. You never disappointed us, not once. You touched so many lives and a lot of people are sad.

We miss you Pooh and we will never ever forget the kind and loving girl you were. My heart is broken and it feels like it’s been ripped out of my chest. It will heal but I’ll always have hurt. I love you sweet girl and I will miss you till I see you again someday. See you later and save some Peanut butter for me.
Thank you for you, and I love you very much, Daddy


Oh how I miss you, Pooh, with loved,
Dawn and Mike Crook