Poppy by Sara-Leigh / Your loving family

The year our lives changed was 2002.
A dog we named Poppy and that was you.
You’re a Springer spaniel who’s black and white.
Quirky and funny and quite a delight.

Your toys we trip over, a ball and a stick.
For treats you’ll do anything, usually a lick.
A bark for your dinner a tail always wagging.
A stick in the water you were usually dragging.

No room on the bed, the place you had grabbed.
A grumble to move you is what we had.
Then into your bed we all went to sleep.
Until licks for your daddy to get him to wake.

A joy to take out for our long walks.
The scenery quite breathtaking.
The miles we have covered I’d love to know.
My faithful four legged companion.

Something is wrong and epilepsy takes hold.
We know that things are different.
Watching you fitting and then so dazed.
Is heartbreaking for us to witness.

November 13th a day set in stone.
A day we will never forget.
Your kisses and cuddles will be no more.
A slobbered window and a face at the door.

No pain you felt we were assured.
We held you until the end.
We kissed your cheek and stroked your back.
To send you on your way.

How quickly ten years have gone my sweet
If only time would linger.
For if we knew what was to come.
We’d have more time with our lovely Springer.

We look at your photos and cannot forget.
How much you meant to us.
The tears that flow will soon dry up.
It will be too long until we meet.

I’m sure the pain eases or so they say.
At the moment it doesn’t seem so.
We need to hold you in our arms.
And didn’t want you to go.

Your loyalty for ten years will never be lost.
We will remember you forever.
A smile will replace the sorrow and pain.
We will see you my sweetheart in heaven.

RIP POPPY 13.11.2012.

I cannot sleep, I cannot eat, you are constantly on my mind.
I cannot bear it, the pain is so deep, the tears to remind.

Falling over your toys and sticks and shoes never in a pair.
Seeing your eyes so dark and bright and tail wagging in the air.

What I would give for your muddy paws and fur upon my skirt.
If only there was some way to ease this dreadful hurt.

On my own I don’t have to pretend that everything’s alright.
Or in the darkened bedroom leaning to kiss you goodnight.

I am quite lost you know and don’t know what to do.
My routine for ten whole years was centered around you.

Not too long and you’ll be home, your ashes we will scatter.
A smile will start to come again our hearts you have shattered.

Your ashes into the sea will go and one day I will follow.
But for now my precious girl I am only left with sorrow.

Roam free for now and think of us as you look down from above.
Just to say my Pops for us there has been unconditional love.


Till we meet again,
13, Nov 2012