Precious by Sheri Williams / Till we meet again!


How long you have been with me,…since that first winter-like day that I found you wandering outside the gymnastics place. I remember when I brought you home that night, you sat or lay on the bed beside me and purred, your strong, loud purr ALL night. That’s when I named you, because you were so precious!

So many nights when I was still a young girl, you kept me company and showed me love! In those first attempts of growing up, you were there with me. You were my company when I was, otherwise, alone! Thinking back now, you were my love, caring, and company so very many times in my life when it felt as if no one else was there.

I remember how you would always have to be on my chest, you wouldn’t let me move you…no matter how many times I tried. I remember how you would put your pretty face in my hair and clutch your paws in it! I love remembering how you would stick your nose forward reaching up toward my face and sniff your nose repeatedly until I would lean forward and kiss your mouth. Then you would seem to relax as if your goal had been accomplished.

I remember how cute you were when I had you shaved like a poodle and man it sure seemed that you could eat and eat, yet still remain “bones”. I remember how you’d be quick to move in on a full or empty plate to quickly lick up leftovers or munch someone else’s dinner.

I remember how much you hated riding in a car and how you would “meow” forever while in it. Not in the end, though. You had learned to trust me somehow (even after all I had put you through) and that last ride was very calm. You stayed right at my chest, back feet straddled, and rode very calmly. I could hear your difficulty breathing and had the feeling that you had suffered enough…you were done.

You rested there on my chest and even laid your chin on my shoulder as we waited for the vet. You were having trouble breathing, I couldn’t even get a purr out of you. I will miss you so much! You were my first cat that I had for life, and boy we sure did have a life (18 years, half my life). I will always love you, Precious!!! My heart is broken at the loss of you. May God let you be reunited with me in heaven!

Your mama, Sheri


Rest in peace,
6, June 2005
Sheri Williams