Precious Griffeth by Lily Griffeth / Mommy

My sweet angel Precious,

It is four months ago today you left us
and we miss you so very very much.
You left us on July 9th that was the worst day of my life. When you closed your little eyes for the last time my heart closed too. My whole world is gone you were my whole world, Precious.

Mommy loves and misses you so much.
We were together for 17/1/2 years and I thank you so much for every day we were together. You were mommy’s and daddy’s pride and joy.

Mommy can’t stop crying for you; I am so lonely and lost with out you and this house is soooooo empty without you in it. There is such a void in our life’s without you here.

You were so much company for us and you were our best friend.
Thank you for alway’s being here for us.
You were such a big part of our lives.
We miss taking you for your ride and to the doggystore; mommy misses giving you your bath. We miss every thing about you.
Now you’re in heaven waiting at the rainbow bridge for your mommy and daddy.
Please don’t ever forget us.
We will never for get you or stop loving and missing you.
So my sweet precious please wait
for us at the rainbow bridge. We will meet you there someday to take you across with us and be together forever.
So go run and have fun and sniff all the trees you want.
Be happy my sweet heart. You’re not sick any more.
So until that day comes my sweet Precious.
We will love you forever
and always.
I hope the angels will read this to you so you know how much you are loved and missed.
Mommy lights a candle for you every night.
If you can, my sweet Precious,
please come to me in my dreams
Love you forever and always,

Your mommy


My sweet Precious,
Precious Griffeth
9, July 2007
Lily Griffeth