Precious Griffeth by Lily Griffeth / mommy xoxoxoxo

My sweet Precious,

It is three months ago today
you left us. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much sweetheart. This house is so empty and lonely without you here. Mommy can’t stop crying for you. I just wish I could hold you and hug you again.

I sleep with your picture and your collar every night It lets me feel close to you. I am so lost and lonely without you.

Daddy misses his little girl too.
He has your picture in his truck
so he can look at you every day.
We will meet at the rainbow bridge someday,
our sweet little Precious.
Until that day please wait for us.
You go play and run with the other little fur babies.
and always remember how much we will always

Love you
until we meet at the rainbow bridge.
Our special little girl Precious

Love you forever
and always,
your mommy and daddy


Love you always,
Precious Griffeth
9, July 2007
Lily Griffeth