Precious Griffeth by Lily Griffeth / your mommy xoxoxo

My sweet angel
Precious Griffeth
It is four month’s ago today you left us
that was the worst day of my life
that was the day my world ended.
you were my whole world my every thing
we. miss you so much
nothing is the same with out you
this house is so empty and lonely without you.mommy and daddy miss you so much.there are such big empty holes in our hearts .that can never be filled
we loveyou so much precious
i wish i could hold you again .
we were together for 17/1/2 years
and i thank you for every day we were togrther . you were such a great joy in our were our best friend.
i’am so sorry your little kidney’s got sick.i am so sorry mommy didn’t know sooner.
you are in heaven now and your little kidney’s are all better again.
remember how much we love you my sweet precious
you are at the rain bow bridge now
waiting for us.
and we will be there to take you across with us some day.
please wait for your mommy and daddy
and we will be together forever
I hope the angels read this to you so you know how much we love you and miss you.
mommy lights a candle for you every night.
so you go and run and play and sniff all the trees like you use to do
we will never forget you
you will alway’s be our little girl
we will love you and miss you for ever.
please come and visit mommy in my dreams.
until we meet again my sweet precious.i will love you for ever and alway’s



love you forever
Precious Griffeth
9, July 2007
Lily Griffeth