Prescious Pretty Girl by Brandi Kaelin / Brandi, your Mom

A heart of gold stopped beating,
Two shining eyes at rest,
God broke our hearts to prove
He only takes the best.

I want so much to hold you
Just one last time again,
My eyes are full of tears
You were always my best friend.

My heart is slowly breaking
Because I need you so,
I promise that one day again
We’ll meet and never let go.

You were my shoulder to cry on
Whenever I felt down,
And now that you are gone from me
My face, it wears a frown.

Sleep well my darling Pretty Girl
I loved you to the end,
Thank you for all you gave to me
My “Prescious” little friend.


You were my tiny, constant shadow who always followed me, with love...
Prescious Pretty Girl
26, Jan 2008
Brandi Kaelin