Pretty Girl by Robert Anderson / Eric.

I remember buying you at the Humane Society, had been there for 30 days and it was your day to be killed out of all the cats you were the only one who played with me when I put my hand in your cage. I had to argue with the people who worked there that you were the one I wanted.

For the next 20 years you were my best friend. I remember having fun chasing you all around the house and how you were wait by the door when I would come home. How you would hit me with your paw to wake me up so I would feed you at 5 am. How you some how knew when the Steelers were playing and you would run and hide because you knew how mad I got when they were losing. How when you used to get out you bring me back a present and put it in my chest a dead animal of course.

When it is my time to go save me a place right next to you in heaven. Until then I will always miss you.


Your two legged friend,
Pretty Girl
Robert Anderson