Prince Charles by Jan

Prince Charles my faithful lovable friend born 1984 age 16 years 5 months developed kidney disease in April 2000. He always waited for me to come home every night slept on my bed & ran after straws and brought them back to me. He was a very smart copper-eyed pedigree Persian. His pedigree name Prince Charles of Blooming Grove. His mother & father were champions.

I gave him the best quality of life once he got sick. On the morning of Nov. 4th he moved very little but lifted his head a few times and tried to walk. But he couldnÆt without falling. I cried. I made a decision to keep him at home where he was comfortable & warm until the time came. Last week I put a sweater on him & used the heating pad to help keep him warm. After several hours I saw he was deteriorating in that various things happened he still lifted his head to look at me & raised his paw several times. I held him throughout the morning so he would feel secure & content.

I called the Vet to let him know how he was. He suggested I bring him in about 4 pm which I agreed to do. I laid him on my lap while I drove to the vet and he didnÆt move. He was wrapped in a blue/white afghan that he slept on & he was wearing his knit sweater I had gotten him to keep his body warm since he lost weight.

The Vet listened to his heart and I held him while he gave him a tiny injection in his leg (he was unaware of anything at this time). He instantly fell deeper asleep to cat heaven. I cried & cried & cried & have cried almost all day. He isnÆt suffering anymore from the poisoning effects of kidney disease which the Vet said most all animals get once they get old.

Prince was a very best friend in all sense of the word. He will have an individual cremation & his ashes returned to me. There was no more faithful loveable friend in the world.



Prince Charles
4, Nov 2000