Tribute to my friend


I loved my budjie Princess with all my little heart.

She was kind gentle friendly sweet and very truly smart.

I got in 1994 when I was in grade 3.

At first we thought she was a boy but we found out she was a she.


We named her "Princess" her first name had been "Prince."

I remember when she first she me she bit me and I winced.

I didn't think she liked me but somehow I knew she did.

We'd play this game...I'd cover my eyes while she flew away

and hid.


She used to get on my top shelf...she knew I hated it...

Because when I coudn't reach her I'd get mad and take a fit!

She followed me up and down the cage and made everyone laugh.

The only thing she hated is when I'd give her a bath.


I taught her to say "pretty bird" the only phrase I knew.

But she made up words herself and her vocabulary grew!

Everyone who knew us knew Princess was our pet.

She made best friends with any person or animal that she met.


I took her to school one time the kids had a ball!

She scared Lan's cat so much it shook and made him fall!


The years ticked by our bond got stronger.

And when she died and went to heaven...I knew that she belonged there.

I thank my aunt for giving me Princess and I thank God

for letting me have so much time with her.