Princess by Angela Martin / Angie

I was two years old and my neighbor’s cat had kittens. My mother and I went to their house and she let me chose anyone I wanted. I looked in the box and saw an all white cat. Right a way I knew that that one was the one. I took it home and checked and it was a girl and I thought of the name Princess. I was going to spoil her and love her and take the best care of her. A few weeks went by and she got the most adorable black markings on her. She had a black nose, tail, and some spot on her legs and head and then one black circle in the middle of her back.

Princess had the markings to resemble herself as the princess she was. She slept with me every night and always greeted us when we came home. I loved to feed her tuna and make sure that she was happy. She acted just like a Princess and always got her way. She was head of the house at home(we had a dog too). She let the dog know who had seniority..haha. She lived 17 years and made me happy everyday. She had a stroke and we took her to the vet and they said she wouldn’t walk again so my mom made the tough decision to put her asleep so she didn’t have to suffer.

I’ll always love her and miss her and no other cat will take her place.


With love,
Angela Martin