Princess by Barbara

To my precious little Princess

The pain of losing you weighs heavy in my heart. Even though you had many brothers and sisters…… you made a big impression in my life.

I’ll never forget when I saw you for the first time and was thrilled by your pretty white bib and little white paws. I only went to get a friend for Charlie but fell in love with you too. I reached my hand in to pet you and you immediately stood up and hugged my arm…holding on so tight that you remained when I lifted my arm out! I guess you really wanted to be with me. I’m glad I had you for this short time. You’ve been great to know. My little sweetheart that had a nibble now and then (at my expence…OUCH!).

I loved you Princess. I want you to know that I really did. I guess there’s supposed to be some reason for why you died I am trying not to think I let you down…but I do feel like I did. I see no reason at all for death. It’s a sadistic game. One I hate. But you Princess you brought me happiness in a crazy world.

I know everytime I hold one of your brothers or sisters I will think of you. Is Sammie there with you? Is that why you went? I’ve missed her too. Tell her I love her too.

I am thankful for this amazing page. There’s been no one to talk to about losing you. I seemed to be the only one that loved you ferrets! How anyone could not I don’t understand! I hope it’s true what is said about seeing you again on the other side. I would love to see you again! Until then Sweetheart….. my hugs and kisses are your’s. I love you Princess……………………… always.



1, Dec 2000