Princess by Jessica for Grandma and Grandpa / Your Family

My Grandma’s and Grandpa’s baby, Princess, died in her sleep one day. All my life I’ve known her. She’s been my grandma’s baby. My grandpa’s baby too. They also had another toy poodle, Barney. He is the smallest dog ever. Ever since his bestfriend past away he hasn’t done nothing but stick with my Grandma and Grandpa like glue. It’s a sign he is very lonely without a pal. He’s 7 years old. The closest animal friend he has is my dog and my grandma’s cats. But he is more scared and isn’t brave.

Princess would stick up for him sometimes. Mostly because she was bigger. Her favorite was have pink nailpolish which made her so adorable. She was like a normal dog, she’d get jealous of Barney. She was old and weak while the years past. But, she lived a happy life. In loving memory of Princess.

Remember her always, please. I’m sure she is safe in heaven with my grandpa’s mom. Who loved Princess a lot.
We love you and miss you both!


With Love,
Jessica for Grandma and Grandpa