Princess Isabella (Izzy) by Susan & Dennis Otts / Mom, dad, Cookie and Dottie

It is strange, after Missy passed(our first Yorkie) and we were sent another baby Cookie, my husband and I were both working and I hated to leave Cookie by herself so we looked for a friend for her.

We were led to Izzy through a friend. We drove to the home with Cookie since this would be her sister! We walked into the home and there were probably 15-20 Yorkies and this one little baby jumped off the couch ran to Cookie and licked her face! It was then that we found out she was the one that was looking for a new home!

Izzy and Cookie were best of friends. Izzy loved to kiss Cookie and she was such a lady. Always allowing others to go before her and waiting till she was asked before she would go outside. She had such a tender heart! So gentle and sweet.
She was such a sweet baby to people in pain, she would just snuggle on their laps or snuggle at their neck like a baby…

Her death was unexpected and I am still reeling from my emotions. The void that she left is huge and I miss her everyday. She was such a sweet girl, full of love…

God called her home and my husband says that he can see her snuggling at Gods neck.
We are thankful that God allowed us to love her for the time we had….One day I know we will see her again..

I know that Missy is showing Izzy around Rainbow Bridge and introducing her to friends.
I am thankful that Izzy is free of pain and I pray that she knows how much her dad and I miss her. I know that her 2 sisters Cookie and Dottie miss her as well…..


We love and miss you,
Princess Isabella (Izzy)
Susan & Dennis Otts