Priscilla by Kathy & Rich / Mommy & Daddy

Just six months old and a stray from the streets, Priscilla transformed into the most loving and caring companion anyone could ask for. Although very independent she tolerated her step-brother even to the point of allowing him to believe he was “King” of the house. But if he went too far with his false dominance then she quickly put Kyle back into his rightful place.

Our memomries are many and along with Kyle, Priscilla will not ever be forgotten for a single day. The way she rode with us in the car on our many trips, never really seeming to mind a bit. She even seemed to look forward to exploring the next motel room, finding a quick and easy place to hide. She will always be thought of as our “Little Girl” and will be missed very much.

Hopefully, she and Kyle are together again looking down on us and trying to tell us that it’s alright that they are fine and will wait until it’s time for us to join them once more.


Our Everlasting Love,
2, June 2005
Kathy & Rich