Prissy Ann by Nanci Bronzetti / Love, Mommy !!!!!!!!

My Dearest and Sweetest Little Girl, we have been together for a long time, you were with me through all my lows and highs. You were the best little sheltie God created, and even though my eyes are heavy right now, and my heart so very broken, and so very lonely. I know you are running with your brother Skippy Smoodle and your sister Shelby Lee Lee.

I hope you know it was very hard to make the decision I made, and to have to say Good-Bye, but I could not see you suffer no more. I will forever hold a place in my heart for you Prissy Ann, just as I do your brother and sister. God makes all of us, and then calls us all home, and one day Mommy will be at that “Rainbow Bridge” waiting for her kids.

I will never forget your last B-day here, and your cupcake you ate. Many people will miss you!!!! We all loved you so very much. Your sister Heathy, Roxy, and Kitty, and your big cousin Mr. Dakota, will all miss you. And Aunt Shelley, Aunt Nicole, Aunt Laura, Aunt Rosie, and Grandpa, and most deeply your Mom. I will always remember how you crossed your hands when sitting, and how wonderful your smell was to my soul.

I will always remember your First Prize for “Best Costume” and your such beautiful perfect face, May You Ride On Angel Wings Forever My Misko, I will miss you deeply.


Forever In My Heart, My Misko!!!!
Prissy Ann
Prissy Ann
28, July 2005
Nanci Bronzetti