Psyche by Elizabeth Rapmund / Mommy


As the tide pulls from the ocean
As the gentle breezes blow
I now remember my dear friend
I loved so long ago.

The earth is hard and barren
The tears they gently flow
For you my angel kitty
The pain inside does grow.

If you could come to me in dreams
And make the pain subside
Then I am not alone in fear
And there is no need to hide.

I miss the gentle way you had
Of sleeping next to me
And playing all around the house
Sometimes I still can see.

Those are not tricks in the night
I know it to be you
Coming down from heaven
To make me not so blue.

I’ll always love you my dear one
And remember you always too
It helps the grieving go away
And makes my heart beat true.


Always in my heart,
12, Feb 2001
Elizabeth Rapmund