This is my Pumpkin. She was my favorite dog. I had other dogs and thought they were my favorite, but that was before I had my heart dog, this one. I knew before I had her a month I knew that when it was her time to go, she would be the hardest to let go of. And I was right. She’s been gone for 6 days and I cry every day. I miss her terribly. She was my baby. I never had any trouble with her. She slept on my bed for many years. She’s buried in my yard and I talk to her every time I pass by. Often I cry. I don’t know how or when it will end. All I can do is think of you and cry. But I wish I could have you back. I miss you sleeping with me. I miss you when I come home and you’re not here. I often forget that you aren’t still here when I come home and when I do certain things. Your photos hang on my bedroom walls.

Pumpkin, you are still with me. You always will be. I can't let go of you. I'm crying.
Aaron Barefoot