Queen Ann Lassie II by Dennis & Donna King / Momma & Daddy

To our dearest “Lassie Girl”. As we approach the anniversary of “Montana’s” passing, your dad. We can’t help but still shed tears for you both.

It was hard losing him and at the time you gave us much reason for hope that we still had you to hold and comfort us during our grief. We thought we would have you with us for a few more precious years but little did we know our time here would be short due to your cancer.

We were so blessed to be your mom and dad for the many years you were with us. I still miss you being right on my heels from the time you met us at the door everyday after work until I was through playing on the computer at night while you napped under my feet and saying, “time to go to bed Lassie girl”. Daddy misses you nipping at his heels and telling you how spoiled you were and such a Momma’s girl.

It’s getting a little easier coming home and you not meeting us but it seems strange not having our “weather dog” to warn us of storms coming and barking at the thunder. We now say everytime we hear thunder that you and “Montana” are talking to us.

We hope you and your dad are running and playing without pain and sickness.

May God keep you both in his loving arms until we meet again.


With Much Love and Precious Memories,
Queen Ann Lassie II
30, July 2005
Dennis & Donna King