Raff by Ronda and Maxine / Maxine and Ronda your parents

My Black Angel

On that Christmas day
we got a special delivery our way
a cat as black as the night
we had no idea how shed make our lives so bright.

Her name was Raff
she was a delightful cat
whether she was sleeping or eating
or purring or drinking.

She touched our lives everyday
by being a wonderful cat we’d say
she lived to be seventeen
and was quite the frisky teen.

When we were sad
or when we were mad
shed come to you with open arms
intending on us no harm.

We will miss you, Raff, we love you
behave in heaven and we will too
dear lord please take care of our wonderful feline
and give her a hug for we miss her as can be.



In loving memory,
10, Sep 2004
Ronda and Maxine