Rags Saltzman by Eric Saltzman

In March of 1985 Noel Laboy worked with me at this trucking company in Howell Twp.N.J.He said his sister had found a mother dog and her puppies abandoned along the side of a road. Noel asked me if I was interested in getting one I said yes,so a few days later I went over his sister’s house to pick one out. There were brown and white ones and black and white ones.I was sitting and observing them frolocking around on the basement floor when a little black and white puppy walked over to me and wouldn’t leave to go back to the pack. I knew right then and there that the tables were turned and I was the one who was picked out. I picked this little guy up and looked at him face to face and asked him if he wanted to come home with me and his tail started to wag swiftly. I took that as a yes and let Noel and his sister know that he’d be coming home with me. I then almost unconsciously named him Rags and we went on our way.

Years after leaving that job I ran into the the night foreman who had retired some months earlier from that place where I worked. As I guess everyone does you ask about different people you worked with so I asked about this one or that and then about Noel? He exclaimed,didn’t you hear? Hear what? Some years ago he had a fight with his girl friend and either pushed her or hit her thinking she was going to call the police and have him arrested he drove to the top of the Driscol Bridge on the Garden State Pkwy and jumped off. Needless to say I was shocked and very sorry for Noel always seemed like a happy and well adjusted person.

Well LAST Sunday,I spent one last full day with Rags knowing yesterday was going to terminate are relationship at least in this lifetime and I went out to Noel’s family house in Howell Twp. down the street from where I used to work and knocked on the door. A man came out resembling Noel,and immediately I guessed was his brother. He said: “Can I help you”. I said “yes” this is going to sound a little odd but I have this dog in the car(Rags)and I’m putting him to sleep tommorrow. Your brother Noel was responsible for me having him and I would not have had the joy and pleasure of him these past fifteen years had it not been for Noel so I’m going to make a donation to the S.P.C.A. in your brother’s name. Well there wasn’t a dry eye between us as we shook hands and told him to also thank his sister and have a nice day.

The End

Sincerely Eric Saltzman


Rags Saltzman
7, Aug 2000
Eric Saltzman